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Zahidani Handicrafts
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Welcome to Zahidani Handicrafts
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Running a business is never easy,It has always been a hard job to satisfy customers, but building an effective web site and providing a good quality products,can often make a huge difference.

Kashmiri Handicrafts
Hand made by the Kashmiri artist whose identity remains hidden inside the valley.They put all their effort in making excellent and ideal art work. Every item of papier machie'e is unique in its kind. But its unfortunate the praise for their work is taken by the people between a buyer and the artist.They are not being paid much for their excellent art work.
This company work for the betterment of the artists and bring artistic performance to the spotlight.It provides them suitable access to the business market.


One of the greatest demanding item in the market during Christmas time.


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These are the hand made designs on the rugs, chainstitch and shawls. It is an over view of the beauty of these master peices. It is just to give you an idea
that our items are genuine in quality. We take best care to satisfy our customers. Providing best quality

Customer Accolades

The best advertising is word of mouth, so below I have include some comments from our satisfied customers.

"I wasn't sure that it is a hand made work. I visited many times Kashmir and every time it was a surprise to see that how much effort and enthusiasm is put in every item of Papie'r Machie'e. It is so great that it gave a different look to my whole house.I am well satisfied with the products I got from Zahidani Handicrafts.

Sandy Heather
California, U.S.A.

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